Deep dive into Shepperton and the making of Daleks Invasion of Earth 2160AD

; Date: July 15, 2019

Tags: Doctor Who »»»» Daleks

The second Peter Cushing Doctor Who film, Daleks Invasion of Earth, was filmed at the Shepperton studio complex. The outdoor set at Shepperton used for street scenes had a weird amalgam of building styles, some from New York City, because that set had been used for so many different movies including a Warren Beatty movie set in New York. The massive entrance to the mining works was in fact a small hill on the backlot, with a matte painting filling in the background. The pseudo-medieval farm house was another building on the Shepperton site.

Shepperton's Secrets (Making of Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD) | Terry Nation Army | Ep 3