The Master is now a Woman, according to Strax, and Moffatt returns to Twitter for SaveTheDay-fest

; Date: March 23, 2020

Tags: Doctor Who

For the purpose of a world-wide re-viewing of The Day of The Doctor, Steven Moffatt returned to Twitter for some live tweeting. Among the festivities was a little skit written by Moffatt and performed by Dan Starkey, who is best known as Commander Strax. So, hey, c'mon down and get your dose of Strax.
Source: BBC

The whole thing was staged under the hashtag #SaveTheDay and resulted in a bunch of tweets. It wasn't clear why everyone was re-watching The Day of The Doctor -- the 50th anniversary special that was aired November 23, 2013. Amongst these tweets is The BBC saying something about an extra something added for this airing of The Day of The Doctor.

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