BBC projects Sontaran spaceship over Liverpool, signaling Doctor Who Season 13 about to start

; Date: Thu Oct 07 2021

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The time to start Doctor Who Season 13 (and finish it by the end of the year) is upon us. The BBC has pulled a marketing stunt, projecting the image of a Sontaran spaceship over the skies of Liverpool. Obviously this is how The Doctor meets up with Dan, the new companion to be played by John Bishop.

Source - DrWhoOnline and the BBC, annotations by David Herron

The schedule for upcoming Doctor Who episodes is that Season 13 (2021) will contain six episodes, followed by a holiday special on January 1, 2022. During 2022 there will be two additional specials, the last of which features the regeneration of Jodi Whittakers Doctor to the new one. See Oh my god YES, RTD is back as Doctor Who Show Runner

On October 6, 2021 ... the BBC projected an image of a Sontaran spaceship over Liverpool. That is a great big hint that Season 13 will feature Sontarans. Hopefully it will be a return of the scary Sontarans, rather than continuing the comedy Sontarans of Moffatts era.

BBC posted similar image to DrWhoOnline

The BBC posted a similar image, with their own trademark, verifying that this is an official statement of the BBC. Jodi Whittaker's Twitter account also posted the same image.

According to ( the Radio Times the location in the picture is George’s Pier Head. This is a historical landmark in Liverpool.

As for this being identified as a Sontaran craft, see the following tweet.

@SafeSpaceDrWho pointing out this is a Sontaran ship

That wasn't the only spaceship to appear over Liverpool

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