The Master always survives; his involvement with the Cyber War, Gallifrey, using Gallifrey as a base for Cybermen, etc

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In Skyfall 2, The Master was surely forever trapped in that alternate universe. Anybody who believes that for a minute has not watched very much Doctor Who. The Master always survives and always comes back no matter how certain a death he'd endured. And The Master always has a cockamamie scheme.

The Master pops out of Gallifrey Source - BBC

I had a nagging suspicion that the whole Last Cyberman thing was associated with The Master.

During Capaldi's time as The Doctor, The Master had two periods of deep involvement with Cybermen. In the first, when we first met Missy, the setup is that Missy had arranged this service where humans who had died were put into memorial lockers of some kind. And somehow all dead humans were converted into Cybermen. And there was a given day where Missy woke up her Cyberman army, as a gift to The Doctor. But The Doctor was able to flip the tables on Missy and the Cyberman army destroyed themselves rather than serve as Cybermen.

Very strange symbology that story - having the dead rise out of their graves like that. Anyone read The Book of Revelations?

The second time was when The Doctor, Missy, Bill and Nardol, boarded a Generation Ship stuck next to a black hole. At the far end of the generation ship, The Master was working on developing the Cybermen and building Mondasian Cybermen. Again - The Master building an army of Cybermen.

Source - BBC

In this season we've met The Lone Cyberman. This Cyberman is described as the last of the Cyber race. The task that was described by Capt. Jack was to avoid having The Last Cyberman recreate the Cyber Race.

We've learned that The Last Cyberman had had a wife and child, but that he killed them because they joined The Resistance.

We also saw him absorb The Cyberium. I don't think Doctor WHo has ever showed or talked about The Cybermium, but it appears to be some kind of repository for the entire knowledge database of the Cyber Race, and that maybe every Cyberman is mentally connected to The Cyberium.

By the way - in The Haunting of Villa Diodati, didn't The Cyberium look like Time Lord Technology?

Having absorbed The Cyberium, The Last Cyberman is going around like he's On A Mission From God (yes that's a Blues Brothers reference) with a cohort of two Cybermen. He's on a mission to destroy humans and to reawaken The Cyber Race. He also tells The Doctor that the ultimate goal is to Kill Everything.

Source - BBC

The episode was a kind of running from danger journey, with the goal being this portal operated by a guy named Ko Sharmus. The portal, called The Boundary, is some kind of intergalactic portal that opens up on the beach near Ko Sharmus's compound. His job had been to usher people to The Boundary because it was an escape from the galaxy, to a place of safety.

But when The Doctor arrives at The Boundary, it eventually morphs to show that it was a portal to Gallifrey.

Then out of the portal pops The Master:

'That is a good entrance' - Source - BBC

The Master - Be afraid Doctor. Because everything is about to change. Forever.

What do you bet that The Master has been at the receiving end of that portal for years, and has converted every escaping human into Cybermen? That's just what The Master would do.

The Master killed Gallifrey, and is now using it as a base from which The Cybermen will reawaken...? Does that mean The Master has hacked The Cyberium? Or maybe, did The Master create The Cyberium?

Random thought, when The Doctor sorts all this out, how will she find her way back to The TARDIS?

Anyway, at the moment it's not clear what's going on. We are at the midpoint of a story, the point where everything is going to heck in a big way. Since this is Doctor Who, the typical pattern is that the first portion of the next episode is going to get even crazier, and then The Doctor will bolt together an insane cure for the whole situation, and it will all be right.

There was a next time trailer at the end of the episode. What follows is the important scenes from that trailer, and the conversation in each scene. It's clear from this that:

  1. The Cybermen do not immediately kill the humans on the Cyber Troop Carrier. Why?
  2. The Cybermen decide to set course for Gallifrey.
  3. The Master will reveal some of the Lie to The Doctor.
  4. The Master has an experience for The Doctor that is going to cause a lot of pain. Maybe it's a machine that will help The Doctor to unveil the knowledge barriers so The Doctor can see what The Lie was about.
  5. Ryan and Ko Sharmus have an opportunity to fight for survival.

This trailer doesn't answer anything about The Timeless Child, The Timeless Children, nor anything about Officer Brendan.

Source - BBC

The Master: Look upon my work, Doctor, and despair.

Source - BBC

Human: We don't stand a chance

The humans on the Cyber Troop Carrier are obviously under great danger. At the end of the episode the Cybermen broke into the control room. It'd be curious why the Cybermen don't just shoot them right off. But apparently they are not immediately executed for some reason.

Source - BBC

The Master: I told you before that everything you knew was a lie. Well now you get to face the truth.

BTW - Where is this scene supposed to be? The scene on the beach was a clear sunny day. This is a hill, that's not on the beach, and it's cloudy, in a way that makes one think of the area around Sheffield. WTF?

Source - BBC

Ko Sharmus: You can be a pacifist tomorrow. Today, you have to survive.

Source - BBC

Last Cyberman: Set course for Gallifrey

Source - BBC

The Master: Brace yourself. This is going to hurt.

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