Amazon 'accidentally' streams The Witchfinders in place of Kerblam

; Date: November 22, 2018

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Last weekend's Doctor Who episode, Kerblam, was a spot-on jab at Amazon. While Doctor Who has always jabbed at modern targets reshaped in other-worldly forms, the obvious target obviously doesn't have to take the jab without retribution. So when Amazon accidentally streamed Witchfinders (the next episode) a couple days early, was it an accident or retribution?

According to ( Gizmodo Amazon customers in the USA who tried to stream Kerblam instead were streamed Witchfinders. To make it even more confusing the subtitles matched the dialog in Kerblam.

That last point suggests maybe it was a mistake.

In Kerblam, we saw an interstellar product sales company that

  • Ran heavily on automation & robots
  • Invests heavily in "Machine Learning"
  • Tracks every move of the humans, to instantly reward or punish based on performance
  • Massive warehouse of products being delivered
  • Delivery via an invasion into ones house (delivery robot teleporting inside the house)

This reeks with similarities to modern day Amazon, and these practices don't exactly get a good airing in the episode.

One can imagine Amazon's management is not at all happy with the portrayal. But it would be awfully petty to pull a stunt like that.

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