The Lie of the Land, Season 10 Episode 8 preview

; Date: June 2, 2017

Tags: Doctor Who

So far this season The Doctor has been shown 2 or 3 times calculatingly doing a subterfuge -- not telling the whole plan in order to keep the adversary from knowing too much, even if that left the Companions in the dark. In these preview videos we're told that The Doctor has already Lost, that these Monks were able to assert control over Humanity so much that The Doctor joined the Monks to work with them, and Bill and Nardole were left on their own. That makes one go WTF because it looks so bleak. An authoritarian government being imposed in the name of the Monks, etc.

What? The Doctor doing subterfuge?

In Thin Ice, instead of pulling that little boy out of the river, grabbed the Sonic Screwdriver. He knew the boy was already dead, but that's not what it looked like to Bill.

In Oxygen, he told Bill that she would have to take a step into an unknown land because The Doctor could not stop her suit from killing her. Turns out he knew the suit didn't have enough power to kill Bill, but only enough to stun her, and he didn't want the Suits to hear this fact. Bill thought she'd been abandoned.

In The Mummy on the Orient Express, The Doctor pressed for answers from people who knew they were about to die because the Mummy had gotten ahold of them. The Doctor knew the person was already dead, and was focused on the goal (solving the problem) but didn't it appear heartless?

I think it was in The Curse of Fenris where Sylvester McCoy's Doctor knew he had to destroy Ace's faith in the Doctor. That whole episode circled around the power of Faith. I don't remember quite what it was, but when Ace was threatened by the monster she had to not have faith in the Doctor.

So... in this upcoming episode, the trailer videos make it clear The Doctor is working with the Monks, and that Bill isn't clear on why or whether the Doctor sold out or what.

Nardole - "All anyone has seen of the Doctor these last six months are those broadcasts he does". Bill - all we're living is a lie. The Doctor - "I have joined the Monks"

There's a scene with Bill holding a gun, then someone pointing a gun at The Doctor, some shots fired, The Doctor stumbling a bit ... but of course the scene in the preview is cut to leave lots of uncertainty and it could be something else than what it looks like.

And, Missy is back.

Getting back to the point I made earlier. The Doctor could have "joined" the Monks without telling Bill his plans in order to avoid the Monks knowing his plans. This could be a big scale subterfuge on The Doctor's part. Or....?

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