Falling through Thin Ice to meet a big fish, Previewing Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 3

; Date: April 27, 2017

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In 1814, Bill asks The Doctor whether there are 'side effects' to time travel, and whether he's killed anyone. Fair questions to ask at the beginning of such a relationship, perhaps. In the background is a depiction of a 'Frost Fair' on the Thames.

These are examples of what really happened on the Thames when Winter conditions froze it solid. Thanks to climate change we probably won't see this for a few thousand years.

To learn more: (en.wikipedia.org) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Thames_frost_fairs We learn there this:

The frost fair of 1814 began on 1 February, and lasted four days. An elephant was led across the river below Blackfriars Bridge.[14] A printer named George Davis published a 124-page book, Frostiana; or a History of the River Thames in a Frozen State. The entire book was type-set and printed in Davis's printing stall, which had been set up on the frozen Thames. This was the last frost fair. The climate was growing milder; old London Bridge was demolished in 1831 and replaced with a new bridge with wider arches, allowing the tide to flow more freely;[18] and the river was embanked in stages during the 19th century, all of which made the river less likely to freeze.

Nothing about a giant fish under the ice eating people. Wikipedia obviously can't know everything.

The BBC printed an article in 2014: (www.bbc.com) http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-25862141 Imagine roasting a whole Ox, on the Thames, a process that took 24 hours, without falling through the ice.

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