DIY Repair of Computer Hardware

iFixit offers excellent value - repair kit plus excellent tools - iPhone 4S battery replacement

(May 13, 2019) I have an old iPhone 4S that I'm preparing to sell on eBay and one issue was that the battery had died. At iFixit a whole repair kit, battery plus tools, cost only $16 so I took the plunge to see about replacing the battery. I came away hugely impressed at the value, if only because the included tools are flat out excellent.

Upgrading or replacing battery pack, SSD and other parts on Acer C720 Chromebook's

(July 21, 2016) How many of us, if the trackpad on our laptop stops working, get frustrated, set the computer aside, and buy a new one? That costs money to replace the computer, more 'stuff' piles up, it disrupts our lives, but somehow it's easier to just replace than figure out how to fix it. Turns out this specific issue, the trackpad puzzlingly not working, could be easily fixed. In my case the battery pack had swollen pushing against the trackpad making it not work correctly. The swollen battery pack itself is very dangerous and I wouldn't have known of it otherwise. Further, the replacement was next to trivial and a lot cheaper and less disruptive than replacing the whole computer.