Employees are disposable assets and can be canned at any time

; Date: Mon Jul 15 2019

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The attached video should hit home for anyone who's worked a corporate job for a significant time. It sure hit home for me, having been laid off several times and my passion crushed into nothingness by the corporate needs. What is the sound of one man standing up to take his power into his hands?

Many of us can relate to this man's story. He got a good solid engineering degree, and had found a solid engineering job that he liked. But the company let him go - and in the meantime his father had lost his own job, then lost the family home and life savings, and this guy set them up in his apartment.

The guy found a job writing PHP code - but was let go because someone with more experience agreed to do his job for less money.

The lesson any of us can draw is what this guy took from his experience. That the corporate world doesn't care. Calling an employee a "resource" is a way to dehumanize, and treat that person as a disposable asset.

In job after job one gets treated that way, and it is inhumane.

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