Emma Gonzalez did not rip the constitution, another victim of doctored truth

; Date: Mon Mar 26 2018

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A couple weeks ago yet another mass shooting at an American school left yet another student body shell shocked and traumatized because of a gunman committing random violence. What's different this time is the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are speaking up, and are working to organize a movement for social change. Obviously there are now tens of thousands of school kids who've directly experienced this gun violence, and millions of others living in fear. However doctored images have begun showing up with a manufactured reality - instead of showing Gonzalez ripping up a shooting target, it shows her ripping up the US Constitution. It's false, it's bogus, and that's what we call social media manipulation or social media warfare.

In every previous instance of mass gun violence, the NRA and a bunch of Politicians formed a chorus -- they would express prayers and hope that a solution could be found -- they would say "now is not the time" to politicize the event, but to heal -- and many more things, all meant to delay or prevent action that would restrict guns. They have called for more citizens to be armed so that the shooter could be stopped - in theory. This time around they're claiming that if teachers had been armed the teachers could have stopped the shooter.

The kids are calling "BS" and saying those are all bogus things the NRA and others are doing. That there are plenty of examples around the world of countries who've solved gun violence problems.

In the midst of this particular act are a group of high school students who've taken it on themselves to stop gun violence. They're appearing in the news, traveling to organize a movement, and last weekend mass rallies were held around the country.

Emma Gonzalez has emerged as as a leading voice in the fight by making some powerfully eloquent statements. She and the other youngsters forming this movement have come under attack from a number of angles.

Fortunately there is real-time truth-telling attempting to set the record straight.

This is the original video from Teen Vogue magazine

Source https://twitter.com/TeenVogue/status/977539602167881731

This is an editor for Teen Vogue magazine trying to set the record straight.

Source https://twitter.com/pfpicardi/status/977959864042491905

And another commentator noticing the doctored images.

Source https://twitter.com/donmoyn/status/977700330954809345

My original screen capture from the Teen Vogue video

First sample of the attacks on these kids

Second sample of the attacks on these kids. JDL_USA appears to be a hate-mongering pro-gun twitter account.

Third sample of the attacks on these kids.

There are hundreds more of such postings on Twitter and elsewhere.


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