Non-censorable video platform DTube offers possible adpocalypse solution

; Date: Fri Aug 25 2017

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Is the YouTube Adpocalypse a form of censorship? The YouTube creators who no longer earn advertising from YouTube are crying about the loss of ad revenue. It doesn't amount to censorship, however, because YouTube isn't blocking those videos, just not putting advertising revenue on the videos.

A new video platform, DTube, doesn't block content and offers a method to earn cryptocurrency from your videos, that can be converted to Bitcoin that can be converted to regular fiat currency.

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You do have to sign up with a Steemit account. Steem is a different blockchain based cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies each with different attributes. Steem has high speed and zero transaction fees.

The system is also decentralized - the videos are stored not on DTube's servers, but in a bittorrent-like system. There is a small cost for having uploaded video to the server.

In short it's an interesting alternative to YouTube. Technically it's a fascinating idea to completely decentralize the content of a video platform, and have an unblockable monetization system.

Practically speaking the value of a "network" is based on the connections to that network. Meaning, YouTube's value is because of all the zillions of people using it, and uploading videos to YouTube every day. DTube is just at the beginning and therefore has a small community of users and therefore has a long uphill slog to catch up to YouTube.

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