Install Chrome OS On Your Old Laptop PC or Macbook using Cloudready

; Date: Tue Apr 11 2017

Tags: ChromeOS

Chromebooks are excellent devices, offering a light-weight operating environment with great security features. You can buy ChromeOS devices with the operating system loaded in, which is a great choice. You may have an older computer sitting around gathering dust, whose useful lifetime can be extended by installing Cloudready. Cloudready is a ChromeOS distribution by Neverware that can be installed on a huge variety of x86 based computers. On the same hardware where Windows is SLOW, Cloudready runs FAST.

  1. Get the Cloudready system image from (
  2. Download the 64 bit version
  3. In the Chrome Web Store, install the Recovery Utility. This lets you build a Recovery drive for a ChromeOS device.
  4. Use the Cloudready system image just downloaded, burning it to a USB thumb drive
  5. Boot from the USB drive - make sure the computer is configured to boot from USB
  6. Initially you'll be running from USB to try it out. Cloudready can be installed on the hard drive via the Settings menu

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