Google's Blogger now supports autoposting to Google+ pages

; Date: Tue, 2013-09-10 07:10

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The Google-Plusification of Blogger is proceeding, with Google now making it possible to immediately create a post on a Google+ page for any post made on a Blogger blog.  This raises the spectre of blogs roboposting and filling Google+ the way it happens on Twitter.  However, it's quite convenient to automate some of your social media interaction.  This is a new feature, and follows a move a few months to use Google+ for comments on a Blogger post.

It means that Google is giving Blogger blog owners the possibility to use Google+ for the community of commenters around the blog.

It means that Blogger blog owners (such as myself) should look into embracing Google+ and exploiting every new feature Google provides us with.

They made the announcement today on the Blogger Buzz blog (

With the right settings in your blogger blog you now have the choice in the settings dashboard as shown above.

It links over to a ( help page that explains everything.  The basic idea is that you first connect your Blogger blog to a Google+ page, then you can configure the blog to autopost to that page by checking the button shown here.

Cool.  Thank you Google.

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