A couple podcasts to listen to

; Date: Mon Jul 09 2007

Tags: OpenJDK

I wanted to give a little visibility to a couple podcasts ...

(web.archive.org) Java Mobility Podcast 11: Dalibor Topic on Sun's Open Sourcing of Java: is a news podcast from the PhoneME project. This episode includes an interview with Dalibor Topic, the Kaffe project leader (?), Classpath team member, Free Java thought leader, and member of the OpenJDK Interim Governance Board. Dalibor has a lot of interesting things to say. (I coincidentally happened to be in the room while Roger recorded that interview, but did not speak up).

(web.archive.org) j1-2k7-mtW09: OpenJDK Quality Team Introduction and Discussion Is some guy named David Herron talking about the OpenJDK Quality Team. Yup, that's yours truly. I've blogged about various aspects of this over the last few months, and at JavaOne I took the opportunity to give a brief presentation at the java.net community corner pavilion.

Source: (web.archive.org) weblogs.java.net

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