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; Date: Thu Jun 14 2007

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When the iPhone was finally unveiled, a great shock went around the world... What?!? We can't write apps for that beautiful thing?!? Really, that's kind of crazy isn't it?

At the WWDC keynote SteveJ closed with their answer. Use the HTML/AJAX style of writing webapps. Um...

As one of the digg commenters says "Great and when you don't have cell phone reception your applications are basically uninstalled and all data is unavailable. Yay."

Using the phone to browse the web to get to a webapp isn't, y'know, the same as installing an app into a phone. Right?

It's such a beautiful phone .. hobbled by...

I can't help but think of the demo we made at Java ONE... a similar fancy GUI interface, but offering a way to truly install apps into the phone. Okay, so Apple patents may prevent using multitouch, but the real wave that's happening is the growing capabilities of graphics processors on mobile devices. By pushing the GUI rendering into the graphics processor you can do fancyschmancy GUI's far more easily than ever. All those core animation things he demonstrated clearly depend on the GPU being made available to the application programmer.

I tried this ( onetrip webapp that's meant to be a first shot at an iPhone "application". Since my primary browser is firefox that's what I tried first. The thing refused to work for me, saying it has to be Safari. Um, Steve, what did you say about "web standards"??? Shouldn't a webapp work in all browsers? Isn't that what web standards are about, is that all browsers are able to view the web?

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