OpenJDK out there, and already available as an ebuild on gentoo

; Date: Tue May 08 2007

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Today is the second Java Freedom Day. November 13, 2006, is the first Java Freedom Day, and I would hope that it becomes a celebrated holiday. Today, May 8, is the second one. I'm at Java ONE and am really excited about the whole vision we presented this morning. I spent a couple hours in the OpenJDK booth this morning, and in 15 minutes will be there for another two hours. If you are at the show drop by and say "hi". GeirM stopped by this morning to chat with me in the booth, and he left me with a CD labeled "In Harmony with Eclipse". Hmm...

Anyway, I just took a look into the blogosphere and see a nice bit of news.

( OpenJDK ebuild, and Most of Sun's Java class library under GPL now ... this is a report from the leader of the Gentoo Java team, saying that he already has the OpenJDK build available for Gentoo. Quick work, and good job!!!

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