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; Date: Mon Feb 05 2007

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It's been awhile since I last blogged here, I apologize for being so quiet but I've had quite a lot of things to think about. I want to kick off regular blogging with one of those things ... namely what would a quality team look like in the open source world. I know there are many open source projects that have quality efforts such as the unit testing (test-first development) that is so popular nowadays. But it seems that teams dedicated to quality are rare in the open source world.

An open quality team doesn't have the purpose of owning any code, but it may end up owning some code as a side effect of what it's doing.

What an open quality team owns isn't code, but instead the quality assessment of a given product. That is, what are the user requirements for the product, how can an open team measure how well the product meets those requirements, how can an open team measure safety and reliability of the product, etc.

This model can be applied to any product. An open quality team could form around a closed source product like Coca Cola, for example.

So long as the quality assessment of the product is conducted in an open manner does it matter whether the product the team is assessing is closed- or open-source?

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