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Disqus merges with Marketing firm Zeta Global, risking sacrifice of a useful commenting platform

Disqus, whose widely used commenting engine adds audience/community engagement for zillions of websites, has joined Zeta Global, a large Marketing firm, while promising to keep offering the features that made Disqus so useful. Color me doubtful - while a positive outcome sometimes results from such a merger, often the oomph of the original service is lost once the new masters are in control. They are saying the right things and promising to stay true to the Vision for Disqus. We'll have to wait and see, and in the meantime it may be worth our while to locate other commenting systems. As the recently posted Disqus Roadmap so clearly says, a website publisher is in their best position when they own their platform. The risk of Disqus joining a larger company is erosion of that situation.

How and where to place advertising snippets on a website It is simple to place HTML snippets from Google Adsense or other advertising services on a website. The advertising providers tend to tell you to simply paste the HTML snippet into the site template. But as easy as that is, it is not always obvious how to do this. How do I place AdSense ad on my HTML page? Lets take a look.
Is purchasing a domain required for building a website Any website, to reach an audience on the public Internet, requires a domain name. Otherwise the folks you want to see the website are required to use the user-unfriendly IP address. But, that doesn't mean you must buy a domain name.