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How to buy a refurbished computer The system of selling us gadgets is geared to foist brand new gadgets on us. It can be expensive racing to keep up with the treadmill of upgrading to the latest thing every year, plus the environmental cost of throwing away perfectly good gadgets is enormous. Buying refurbished computers, cell phones or other gadgets, can save you a lot of money. It is much better for your budget and for the planet around us to ensure each gadget serves a long and useful life, rather than getting tossed away once a prettier gadget comes along. Since the game is designed with forced obsolescence in mind, those of us taking a different route have to tread carefully and decisively. This article is a guide to buying refurbished computers and other gear.
How to get Windows 10 Professional for free

That you can download a trial version of Windows 10 Professional from Microsoft's website is mindblowing for those of us who remember the old Microsoft, and the Microsoft Police trying to enforce software piracy. But what you get is a time-limited system, for which you must pay $199 for a software license. It's still Microsoft, after all, just a little friendlier. But, what if there's a way to get Windows 10 Professional essentially free? We're not going to crack Windows 10 Professional, but explore a way to get a perfectly reasonable Windows computer that runs Microsoft's latest OS.