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How to recycle HDPE plastic bags to make marble-like raw material for art projects It's fairly easy to melt down plastic bags, of the right type, and in a mold make a strong material that's like marble. Basically one gets a large quantity of plastic bags, or other plastic, puts them in an oven for melting, then pours the "dough" into a mold. After the plastic has cooled and hardened in the mold, it can be processed using metal or wood working tools like sanders and polishers.
How to recycle HDPE plastic to make DIY raw material for art projects We have lots of plastic around us, and just throwing it "away" creates problems. It is better to reuse things, and it seems HDPE plastic is incredibly easy to melt down and form into new thingies.
SpaceX in historic first reuse of previously launched rocket, unless it's a hoax SpaceX today made history with the first ever space-ship launch using a rocket that had previously flown. Today's SES-10 launch was flown by a Falcon 9 space-ship which had previously flown in April 2016. They had successfully landed that ship on their autonomous drone landing pad, then refurbished it, ensuring it was flight-ready, then flew it again today, and successfully landing the rocket on their landing pad ship. SpaceX's long-term goal is to reuse rocket ships multiple times, because the first stage rocket costs $60 million to build but only $200,000 to fuel. By reusing rockets, the cost of launching stuff into space will be drastically slashed, and humanity will be able to afford to launch more stuff into space. But - I said 'hoax' because there's at least one person on YouTube complaining the video is obviously a hoax. He latched onto the fact that for every landing, the video cuts out and they do not show the landing live, instead they magically show the rocket on the landing pad -- but -- cue sound effects -- obviously it's a fake, and they simply showed a different rocket on the ... sigh. Oh c'mon.