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What's the best open source license for Node.js modules ?? I've been developing a new software project with Node.js, a ( "content management" system that produces static HTML websites named AkashaCMS.  Last week I made my initial release into npm and knew I needed to put an open source license on the code, and by default I put in the GPL license.  But then I thought to ponder, is the GPL the best choice of license?  Will that license prevent others from using AkashaCMS?  In general, what's the best license for a Node.js open source project?  Does use of a Node module invoke the viral nature of the GPL and infect GPLness into modules that use the GPL'd module?  I didn't think about this myself, but would the GPL license interfere with others who want to contribute patches?  So I sent a query to the Node.js group on Google Groups (linked below), which touched off an insightful conversation.