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Could Node.x unseat Node.js? Event driven asynchronous server side platform duel in the making? Node.js is getting a lot of excited attention, but is it the only way to build an event driven server? For example the other day I summarized some work by Twitter to re-architect their systems including an event driven asynchronous server, but that server was written in Java and in general the article proved that a single-language solution like Node.js might not be the best because there are plenty of useful languages besides JavaScript (see Java, Twitter, and asynchronous event driven architecture). Today on Twitter I saw an announcement of Node.x, which is a general purpose framework for asynchronous event driven programming but rather than built on top of Node.js/V8 it's built on top of the JVM. And by being on top of the JVM it immediately opens the door to a multi-language solution, where Node.js is a single language solution.
Is Node.js a cancer? No!! It's quite nice, really

A recent blog post by Ted Dziuba claims that Node.js "is a cancer" and fills out a few hundred words of inflammatory laden "proof" to make his point. The post makes a few good points but is largely off base. Perhaps the most sticking point is that CPU intensive tasks make Node servers become unresponsive, but I have a clever answer for him. Another issue he raises ("JavaScript sux") is, well, as a longtime Java programmer who used to work in the Java SE team at Sun, I've had my own moments like that, but really JavaScript is quite a nice language especially if you stick to the good bits of JavaScript.