Node.js Installation

Installing some native-code npm packages on Ubuntu 20.04 fails on not finding python command

(April 20, 2020) Node.js 14.x was just released, as was Ubuntu 20.04. Testing my application on that combination failed because native code npm packages fail because python is not found. WTF? I followed the instructions and installed build-essential which supposedly brings in every compiler tool we would need. But ... fortunately there is a simple solution.

Avoiding rogue Node.js packages by using good version dependencies in package.json

(January 22, 2022) Several times now, widespread failures in Node.js applications were due to Node.js packages containing malware. If bad code makes it into our applications, what sort of trouble can ensue? That bad code has the same privileges your application has. What if the bad code isn't immediately obvious, but is stealthy malware that steals data?