Graphics in Node.js

Getting image metadata (EXIF) using Node.js

(November 17, 2021) We can store extra data inside images, such as geolocation coordinates, text strings, and more. While there are fancy GUI applications for dealing with this data, we sometimes need to process it in our Node.js programs. For example, a static website generator platform, like AkashaCMS, might use metadata stored in images such as to automatically provide captions, or tooltip text. What we'll do in this tutorial is explore reading metadata in Node.js.

Convert SVG to PNG in Node.js using Sharp, no headless browser in sight

(November 10, 2020) SVG is an excellent portable, XML-based, graphics format that lets us show high fidelity graphics in modern browsers without requiring large image files. It works by using graphics operations written in XML tags. But, sometimes we need to convert an SVG to an image format (PNG, JPG, etc) in Node.js for use in non-browser contexts. Unlike most solutions to this problem, the Sharp library lets you do this without using a headless browser, decreasing the overhead of SVG image conversion.