Bun - Node.js alternative

Testing Bun's compatibility with Node.js and speed with a complex application

(July 9, 2022) Recently a new JavaScript server-side runtime, Bun, was announced, promising a massive speed improvement over Node.js. Instead of testing with a small application, let's try with a complex app to see real-world performance.

Deeper testing of Bun's performance and compatibility against Node.js

(July 22, 2022) Bun is a new project aiming to be compatible with Node.js, but with huge performance gains. Not even a month into public availability, and people are claiming both the Node.js and Deno projects are dead.

Bun is baking its way towards Node.js compatibility

(August 18, 2022) Following up on earlier Bun testing, as of v0.1.8, it is improving rapidly, but is still missing important functionality.