Adoption of Node.js in Industry and Enterprises

What is the most popular front end framework for web applications?

(July 25, 2019)

In my book Node Web Development (see sidebar), I have used Bootstrap to demonstrate the front end of the web application. The book is primarily about Node.js, and therefore it should focus on the back end rather than the front end. But it seems that Bootstrap's popularity is waning, and other frameworks are gaining popularity in the front end. A look at Google Trends confirms this.

Node.js is a big win at PayPal

(2013-12-17 16:47)

In my book Node Web Development (see sidebar), I spent the first chapter trying to sell the reader on using JavaScript on the server.  That's because the typical server side languages do not include JavaScript, meaning everyone has to be scratching their head and wondering why they should use JS on the server.  I suggested that, theoretically, one big win will come because the front end coding and back end coding will both be in the same language, JavaScript, which will make it possible for front engineers to talk with server engineers in the same language.  Or perhaps even be the same person.