The Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton

Review: Doctor Who - The War Games

(2009-08-22 20:15) The War Games is a fabulous classic Doctor Who story. It was the last regular appearance of Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, and of Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines as companions Zoe Heriot and Jamie McCrimmon. It originally aired from 19 April–21 June 1969, lasting for a lengthy 10 episodes, and has recently been released on DVD. The story line is a deep exploration of war and why we make war. The DVD package includes three DVD's, two of which contains the episodes and the third contains the special documentary content.

Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen (S05E036)

(2008-10-24 21:39) On the planet Telos, an archeological expedition uncovers a hidden entrance in the side of a mountain. When a member of the expedition touches the doors, he is electrocuted. The TARDIS lands nearby, and the expedition is joined by the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. Parry, the expeditions leader, explains that they are here to find the remains of the Cybermen, who apparently died out centuries before. The expedition is funded by Kaftan, who is accompanied by her giant manservant Toberman and her colleague Klieg. Hmm says the Doctor...

Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks (S04E036)

(2008-10-24 20:58) What do you do when you're the Doctor and you see your TARDIS being hauled away on a truck. Why, you give chase, but when you can't chase down the truck you return to the vicinity and do your best Sherlock Holmes impression. In this story we have the Doctor and Jamie still in Gatwick Airport, the TARDIS has been stolen, and for a couple episodes the Doctor is playing Sherlock Holmes looking at minute clues that lead him on a trail which ends in his capture. Seems someone has set a snare for the Doctor, and they wish him to go back in time to 1866 and to do a little experiment. What is it that has allowed the Daleks to be defeated by humans, what is the Human Factor? The Daleks plan is always to dominate and exterminate anything that's non-Dalek, so they must understand how to beat humans, and to do so they must understand humans.

Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen (S05E038)

(2008-10-24 20:46) Back to Tibet we go except it was probably really the Scottish Highlands in disguise. We have here a most interesting adventure about myth. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria land in Tibet and its too cold even for Jamie's bravery and he ends up wearing a jacket despite his Highlander blood. The wimp. The adventure involves an anthropologist / explorer hunting the elusive Yeti, a monastery full of Tibetan Monks, and space aliens bent on destruction. Oh, and the Doctor gets to return a holy relic, a Ghanta, to this monastery which he had visited 300+ years before. The Monks have been hoping their Ghanta would return all these years and they're somewhat happy to have it back but for the attacks from the Yeti.

Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones (S04E035)

(2008-10-12 13:04) What happens when a police box materializes on the runway of Gatwick Airport? Why the police come over and retrieve it. The Doctor and Companions arrive in 'modern' Gatwick Airport, leading Jamie to believe they're being attacked by flying beasties. As they're running around Polly discovers a murder. As the story progresses it gets weirder and weirder. The murder was conducted using a weapon which electrocuted the victim, leaving burn marks and scorched fabric, and why was an unused Spanish postage stamp in his pocket? Curiouser and curiouser my dear Commandant.

Doctor Who: The Macra Terror (S04E034)

(2008-10-10 08:53) The Doctor and Companions land on an unnamed planet in Earth's colonial future and find a man being attacked by a huge clawed insect monster. They are greeted by Medok, a half-crazed colonist, who is promptly arrested by Ola, the Chief of Police. It seems everybody who professes to see these monsters are made out to be crazy paranoids and are sent to the hospital for readjustment of their thinking, and if they do not conform they're sent into the gas mines where they tend to die. The people of the colony are doing some unspecified work to perform gas mining, and the gas has an unspecified purpose.

Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace (S04E032)

(2008-10-05 21:56) In Jamie's inaugural voyage in the TARDIS we travel to Atlantis. It is not an Atlantis of ancient times, but one which has been buried beneath the ocean until modern times. A modern day mad scientist, Professor Zaroff, has made his way to Atlantis and has a crackpot crazy scheme. He's told the Atlantean's that he can raise their city from beneath the ocean, and to these people who have been buried for centuries having their city above the ocean again is appealing. However Zaroff has a different plan, one which will involve destruction of the planet.

Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks (S04E030)

(2008-10-04 21:44) Hey, who's that guy and what has he done with the Doctor? That's what Ben and Polly are asking themselves having witnessed the first Regeneration. It's nigh on impossible for the Doctors face to change like that, so it has to be somebody else, some usurper. But they quickly discover it really is the Doctor, somehow changed form, as they remember his words just before about his body being worn out. In the meantime they've landed on a strange planet, which they learn is Vulcan. The TARDIS has landed them in the midst of "mercury swamps". Pretty soon the Doctor witnesses a man be murdered, and he has a moment to search the man and retrieve a badge which declares him to be The Inspector and that the bearer is afforded all access. This rank will prove useful in the adventure to come.

Doctor Who: The Daleks Master Plan (S03E021)

(2008-09-23 21:03) A very long story, spanning 12 episodes, it is an extensive delving into the ultimate goal held by the Daleks. Namely the EXTERMINATION of everything which is non-Dalek. A prequel was shown, "Mission to the Unknown", which didn't even show The Doctor at all. Instead it showed a group of military men on a mission to a jungle-filled place where some of the plants had a special poison which converted people into more instances of those plants. A very rugged and dangerous place full of death and Daleks, but no time travelers. In the Master Plan we see there is an empire of several intergalactic races of beings. It's a little confusing because Mavic Chen is said to be the Guardian of the Solar System but at the same time that role places him in leadership over the whole conglomeration of intergalactic cultures. Either they mean something else by 'Solar System' or, well, I'm just confused.