Doctor Who News for 2013

The first question - the question that rings through all of time and space - Doctor Who?

(July 15, 2019) Matt Smith's era as The Doctor was interwoven with The Big Question. His first episode began with a crack through the very fabric of the Universe, but it seemed to just be about Prisoner Zero (whoever that was) and by the end of the episode he'd fixed the crack, apparently without even using any Bondo. But cracks kept showing up - cracks in the universe, not some other kind - until one showed up in Matt Smith's final episode, The Time of the Doctor. By then The First Question became A Thing along with The Doctor ending up on Trenzalore. But what was it all about?

Nudity in The Time of the Doctor converts The Doctor from minor deity into leering teenager

(2013-12-28 10:23) The Time of the Doctor, Matt Smith's final episode as The Doctor, was a fine romp through time and space, but had a completely horrible unnecessary plot point that rather derailed our enjoyment of the show: Nudity, rather, supposed nudity. Should this show, Doctor Who, be about unnecessary gratuitous references to nudity that add nothing to anything about the plot or characters or anything?

Review: The Time of the Doctor - Smith Falls into Capaldi after Killing a Wooden Cyberman

(Wed, 2013-12-25 23:55) The Time of the Doctor brings to an end Matt Smith's time as The Doctor, giving us a tame Cyberman head, gratuitous unnecessary nudity, a chance for the Doctor to sit in one place for a loooooong time, a return of The Crack, a rewriting of the whole Trenzalore thing, The Doctor teaming up with the Silent's (who we now know are high level Priests in the Papal Mainframe cult), a wooden cyberman of all things, and a nod to Fandom with an addressing of the 12 regenerations limit.

Making of The Day of the Doctor - full documentary

(December 5, 2013) The Day of the Doctor, when they rewrote the story we'd been told about The Time War. Rather than saddle the Doctor with the weight of having destroyed Gallifrey, they gave The Doctor a new story - that he saved Gallifrey in its moment of greatest danger. Which is what gave the Doctor the gravitas to later kick Rassilon off of Gallifrey. This documentary shows how they made the episode.