Doctor Who News for 2010

THE solution to the paradox in Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens

(2010-12-23 18:48) Okay, it's Doctor Who, and maybe I shouldn't quibble over a paradox or two, right? It's nearly time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, so I'm rewatching last seasons episodes. Ever since the original showing of The Pandorica Opens a question has raged on - just how did the Doctor get out of the Pandorica in order to free himself from the Pandorica.

Doctor Who - The Lodger is more significant than you might think

(2010-06-15 04:29) Just listened to the latest episode of The Doctor Who Podcast where they reviewed The Lodger. They described that episode as being a ho-hum filler which doesn't have much in it in terms of clues for the season-ending grand finale. And indeed it sure looks like a ho-hum filler. It's a normal middle-of-the-season story that has a lot of interesting bits to it, is well told, but is not the ground shaking extravaganza. Which does make its position near the end of the season a little curious because we're nigh on the what appears to be grand extravaganza and surely this episode should be cueing up some of the elements of that story?

Doctor Who - The Hungry Earth

(2010-05-23 19:50)

Doctor Who: Amy's Choice

(2010-05-20 14:06)

Doctor Who s05e04 The Time of Angels and s05e05 Flesh and Stone

(2010-05-02 21:19) Launching into a two-part episode is River Song returning in a fabulous scene befitting the enigma that she is. What a riot.. scribbling Gallifreyan graffiti on a box in a space ship, knowing that sometime in the future the Doctor will read it, then reading out some space time coordinates on the security camera, then blowing the exit hatch, having full trust and confidence that the Doctor will be there to rescue her. Wow.