April 2009

Oracle+Sun effects on Java...?

(April 26, 2009) So, hmm, Oracle+Sun. Interesting twist from the IBM+Sun matchup earlier. There has been numerous rumors over the years about SUN+xyzzy mergers such as Fujitsu, IBM, SGI, Apple, etc. And it's finally come to Oracle. It seems there's a lot of scratching of heads over what this will mean for the open source software projects run by Sun, and of course the back of my mind has been pondering the effect on the OpenJDK. An article in that esteemed dumpster diver rag, The Register, is prompting me to write: (web.archive.org) Oracle suits to strap on Sun's Java sandals: leader without followers

Sun+IBM ==> What does it mean for Java?

(April 4, 2009) I've been gone from Sun for a little while now but of course I'm still interested in Java, and thankfully still have access to this java.net blog. Anyway the recent news about IBM pondering buying Sun has piqued my interest.