Is the JCP fundamentally the wrong model (now) for Java?

(June 4, 2009) I'm drawing on several threads of thinking in several presentations and conversations this week at JavaOne, and am thinking the Java Community Process (JCP) no longer serves the needs of the Java ecosystem. I'm not the first to say this, not the last, but here's a few thoughts anyway. Sun (soon Oracle) is the owner and for the process to work out well the owner has to be enlightened enough to serve the needs of others as well as their own needs. In reaping rewards from building an ecosystem requires having the wisdom that your benefit comes from everybody happily using your ecosystem, and always acting to nurture the ecosystem you've built. Some styles of gardening (Permaculture) recognize this principle. However administrations change and while one set of people overseeing Java might be enlightened the next set might be money grubbing short sighted opportunists. I'm not pointing fingers at anybody, just outlining a general principle.

OpenJDK Porter Group BOF

(June 2, 2009)

Blogging from JavaOne

(June 2, 2009) I am attending JavaOne and will be posting a series of blog's about each session I attend.

JavaOne 2009 opening Keynote

(June 2, 2009) The JavaOne opening keynote is still a fancy rock & roll show with fancy stage and the like. It's always exciting to see what they have to say, and they do a good job of spinning a story that Java is Everywhere. The overall message is to convince developers that the Java platform is compelling, that Sun is providing this compelling ecosystem for developing applications, and that the developers can become uber-rich by developing applications for the Java platform.

Oracle+Sun effects on Java...?

(April 26, 2009) So, hmm, Oracle+Sun. Interesting twist from the IBM+Sun matchup earlier. There has been numerous rumors over the years about SUN+xyzzy mergers such as Fujitsu, IBM, SGI, Apple, etc. And it's finally come to Oracle. It seems there's a lot of scratching of heads over what this will mean for the open source software projects run by Sun, and of course the back of my mind has been pondering the effect on the OpenJDK. An article in that esteemed dumpster diver rag, The Register, is prompting me to write: (web.archive.org) Oracle suits to strap on Sun's Java sandals: leader without followers

Sun+IBM ==> What does it mean for Java?

(April 4, 2009) I've been gone from Sun for a little while now but of course I'm still interested in Java, and thankfully still have access to this java.net blog. Anyway the recent news about IBM pondering buying Sun has piqued my interest.

It will be (Open)JDK7 where OpenJDK==JDK

(January 5, 2009) I'm listening to the (web.archive.org) 'holidays 2008ish' episode of Javaposse and in reviewing their last years predictions they have enough fumbling around the status of OpenJDK that I want to do a little bit of explaining.