Doctor Who News for 2014

Into the Evil of the Daleks - Doctor Who S08E02 and OldWho #038

(2014-08-30 22:59) We just watched Into the Dalek, and we have to acknowledge something - the story line references way back into Old Who, to a set of Patrick Troughton (Doctor #2) episodes collectively titled The Evil of the Daleks. In both cases we had a humanizing of Daleks, and Doctor#12's certainty there can be no humanizing of Daleks may stem from the experiences shown in The Evil of the Daleks.

Peter Capaldi's earlier career as an ice cream salesman?

(2014-08-30 21:54) Who's this new guy, Peter Capaldi, who's body is being used by The Doctor? He looks familiar, as in we've seen that body in ancient Pompeii. Did we see him anywhere else?

Take a deep breath, don't hold it, we're going into the Dalek (Doctor Who S08 E01 E02 review)

(2014-08-30 21:54) Doctor Who is finally back on our screens, and I'm going to squeeze my episode reviews together. It's a bang-up opening for Peter Capaldi as Doctor #12 (or is it #14), so it sure looks like this new guy will do well with the role. As for the content - the main theme so far is "identity". Who am I? Why do I choose this face to show the world? That sort of thing. And then there's the question of "who the heck is Missy?" Heaven? Surely that's a setup for the end of the season, so we'll have to be patient about that.