What is the most popular front end framework for web applications?

; Date: July 25, 2019

Tags: Node.js »»»» Front end web framework

In my book Node Web Development (see sidebar), I have used Bootstrap to demonstrate the front end of the web application. The book is primarily about Node.js, and therefore it should focus on the back end rather than the front end. But it seems that Bootstrap's popularity is waning, and other frameworks are gaining popularity in the front end. A look at Google Trends confirms this.

Source: Google Trends

This pretty much says it all -

  • Bootstrap (blue line) is still very popular, but that interest is waning.
  • React (yellow line) is growing very strongly
  • Vue.js (green line) is also growing strongly, albeit less strongly
  • Angular (red line) is waning at about the same rate as Node.js

I tried to get the trend line for "Bootstrap Node.js" but that flailed. I'm not sure how to determine which front end framework is most popular for Node.js back ends.

Maybe the waning interest in Bootstrap is because everyone knows Bootstrap well enough that they aren't searching for answers. Maybe the search interest in React is that it is difficult to use or otherwise requires lots of searching to figure out what to do, and that amplifies the search volume.

Those are two wild-ass guesses and probably both are false.